Analogman Bi-Chorus

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Analogman Bi-Chorus


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COACH コーチ ショルダーバッグ メンズ 2way 黒色
  • エフェクター楽器/器材ANALOG MAN Bi-Chorus | Deluxe Guitars

  • エフェクター楽器/器材AnalogMan Bi-Chorus

  • エフェクター楽器/器材Analog Man Chorus Pedals

Analogman Bi-Chorus Pedal | Reverb

The Analogman Bi-Chorus Pedal doubles up on the warm, swirling goodness of one of the company's most popular effects in one chassis. Sporting a dual stomp switch design with two sets of controls for speed and depth, the Bi-Chorus's all-analog design and easy operation make it a surefire hit for anyone after classic choral tone with boutique construction and design.

Analogman Bi-Chorus

茶道 茶器

Analog Man Bi-Chorus

Analog Man presents - The Bi-Chorus. The BI-CHORUS offers two sets of SPEED and DEPTH knobs, allowing two different settings to be selected without having to adjust any knobs. Not two pedals in one, but two sound presets. Also optional TRUE STEREO outputs!

Analogman Bi-Chorus Pedal | Reverb

Analogman Bi-Chorus Mono Version, has NOS JRC4558D and MN3007, No. 561 built July 2007. Runs 9 - 15 VDC, although the website states capable of 18V continuous operation which suppies 17V to the BBD, a little too hot for comfort IMO. Never operated above 15V. First gen model. Works flawlessly! Ships USPS.